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"​​​Mr. Simon A. Ramsey, Chief Executive Office for Loving Helping Hands, Inc. Loving Helping Hands was established on June 25, 2012.  Mr. Simon A. Ramsey received a BS degree in Human Service from Post University in Waterbury, CT.  Mr. Simon A. Ramsey has worked twenty plus years in the Human Services field since moving to Georgia in 1993. 

Loving Helping Hands was created to provide Specialty Services that would benefit the entire families. Loving Helping Hands, Inc. mission is to provide outstanding services to all of our families. We at Loving Helping Hands inc. will embrace your family with loyalty, respect, and support to ensure that every family receives exceptional services at all times."

​Loving Helping Hands provides the following Services for the Department of Family & Children Services. Comprehensive Child & family Assessment "CCFA" for children entering into foster care. Relative Assessments, Home Evaluation for family member or non-family member that has been identified as a possible placement resource. Transporting Services may include, but are not limited to, transporting a child(ren) to/from school, doctor appointments or court, as well as the following services listed below:

  • ​​Crisis Intervention Services
  • Behavior-Aide Services
  • Family Therapy Counseling
  • Parenting Education & Assessment
  • Substance Abuse Assessment 
  • Trauma Assessment

DFACS Services

Health Insurance

Counseling & Mental Health Services

Getting counseling or behavior health services can be a really difficult decision, but Loving Helping Hands can make that transition easier.  Not only can your loved one get an assessment within 73 hours but therapy can begin the same week.  Your loved one can receive crisis intervention and substance abuse services within the same week.   Loving Helping Hands provides an array of counseling services which includes mental health services, individual counseling for adolescence and adult, family and group counseling.

Loving Helping Hands has Licensed Professional Counselors, Certified Substance Abuse Counselors, and Case Managers on staff.  Loving Helping Hands is committed to ensuring that every family is provided with the best accredited services to ensure that optimal lifestyle is the outcomes for your loved one.

All new clients will receive an assessment.

We accept most public and private insurance plans. We also offer special pricing for cash-paying clients for most services.

Home Health Care

We understand it can be hard when deciding it’s time to bring help into your home, which may be a very difficult decision. Loving Helping Hands would like to save you sleepless nights; we provide you with highly trained, compassionate home care professionals to aid your loved one needs. 

Loving Helping Hands works hard to assist families that are in need of home health care services from birth through retirement.

Simon A. Ramsey

New Clients

Simon A. Ramsey, CEO