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JOB TITLE:Case Manager I, Counselor I, Social Worker I

REPORT TO: Case Management Supervisor

Duties and responsibilities *Assess client needs, refer to appropriate community resources and advocate for needed services. Develop or maintain client records and program documentation according to contract and LHH standards (assessments, service and treatment plans, activity logs, service documentation, etc.) *Arrange for transportation of clients to appointments as needed. *Monitor quality of care by conducting home/residential/school visits. *Coordinate multi-disciplinary staffing to develop, update or revise service plans and attend community multi-disciplinary meetings. *May coordinate and supervise family visitation as necessary. *May transport clients to/from family visitation *Participate in treatment team meetings *Coordinate services with other professionals and paraprofessionals. *Participate in the quality improvement process All other duties assigned

JOB TITLE:Transportation

​REPORTS TO: Regional Supervisor

Duties and responsibilities* Transportation/Family Support Workers/Case Managers
• Review and assign referrals to Family Support Workers (FSW), Case Managers (CM), andTherapist.
• Ensure all referrals and SA are completed correctly prior to assigning cases.
• Assist in providing training of staff and volunteers in the assigned region.
• Prepare, distribute, and maintain a variety of reports from company database.
• Review content of database entries, monthly service reports, and any other required reports;
   ensure they are accurate and turned in by applicable due dates.
• Participate in planning and hosting special events.
• Act as a community liaison for LHH.

 JOB TITLE:Assessor

REPORTS TO: Clinical Manager

Duties and responsibilities *Provide services primarily in client homes. Travel to client homes and other locations.
*Administer initial face-to-face clinical and psychosocial assessments.
*Ensure completion of agency consent packet including all required forms for service.
*Administer any needed instruments as part of the assessment process.
*Utilize crisis intervention prevention techniques to de-escalate issues associated with social,
   emotional and behavioral issues of low income and at-risk children and families.
*Collect and record behavioral observations in a treatment setting.
*Offer diagnostic impression(s) using clinical skills and DSM-IV.
*Assessments are to be completed within 14 days of initial interview.
*Assessments are to be entered into Kaledicare and finalized within 24 hours of
  appointment/interview completion.
*Complete non-billable progress notes as outlined by company policy.
*Provide weekly written reports providing updates regarding assessments assigned, assessments
  completed and any service delivery issues.

JOB TITLE:Therapist

REPORTS TO: Clinical Manager

​Duties and responsibilities *Provide services primarily in client homes. Travel to client homes and other locations.
*Schedule sessions at times that are convenient for families, and when problems are likely to
  occur, including evenings, weekends and holidays. Maintain a flexible workweek.
*Schedule and complete client intake sessions within 48 hours of referral.
*Be available to client families 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Obtain coverage by supervisor or
  supervisor’s designee if unavailable for an extended period of time (e.g., 12 hours or longer).
*Provide back-up for other therapists as needed.
*Participate in weekly team consultation meeting, and individual supervision as needed.
*Assess safety, structure the environment and use clinical strategies designed to promote safety.
*Provide a range of clinical, concrete and advocacy services to family members that are consistent
  with the family’s values, learning styles, lifestyle, circumstances and culture.
*Develop and maintain a positive, collegial working relationship with family members.
*Assume responsibility for motivating families and employ motivation enhancement strategies.
*Conduct comprehensive, strength-based and behavior focused assessments.
*Collaborate with family members and referents in developing intervention goals and service
*Utilize evidence-based cognitive/behavioral strategies to facilitate behavior change.
*Utilize a variety of teaching methods.
*Advocate for and provide concrete goods and services (including transportation) that are directly
  related to the family’s goals, while teaching family members to meet these needs on their own.
*Collaborate and advocate with formal and informal community resources and systems, while
  teaching family members to advocate for themselves.
*Secure client information per HIPAA standards.
*Maintain case files within paper and/ or electronic health record (EHR) that are up to date as
  described in the Job Expectations handout.
*Facilitates on and off-site psycho-educational support groups.
  All other duties assigned