UAS 573 Parent Aide


72B Printable Materials

72IHome Visits to include: Budeting, Non-Therapeutic Behavior Mgmt, Commuincation Skills, and Safety 

UAS 518 WRAP Around Foster Services


56A Transportation Service (Transporting Children Children/Family Only)

56B Mileage-(Transporation) (56A & 56B Combined

56E Education Stability (WRAP Transportation)

56F Education Stability (WRAP Mileage) (Max 120 Miles/Day)

62A Crisis Intervention (Licensend Professional)

62B Crisis Intervention (Degree/Non-Degreed)

62D Crisis Intervention (Master's With Supervision)

71A In-Home (Targeted) Case Management (Licensed Professional) 

71Q In-Home (Targeted) Case Management (Master's With Supervision)

71B In-Home (Targeted) Case Management (Degree/Non-Degreed)

71P Mileage (In-Home (Targeted) Case Management

95A In-Home Intensive Therapeutic Services (Licensed Only)

95B Mileage (In-Home Intensive Therapeutic Services)

UAS 521PUP Prevention of Out of Home Placement


29A Domestic Violence Assessment

29C Parental Fitness Assessment

29D Psychosexual Abuse Assessment

29E Substance Abuse

TA Truama Assessment

50A Counseling (Licensed Professional)

50C Behavior Aid Services

54 Psycholgical/Psychiatric Assessment

Code                                                                                         Description

UAS 511 Comprehensive Child & Family Assessment (CCFA) 


 Early Intervention


79B Early Invention Home Visits

79C Case Management

79F Early Invention Missed Appointments

29E Initial Family Assessment (One Child)

29F Each Additional Child(ren) 

29J Relative/Non-Relative Assessment - Home Eval (per Family)

29M Update Initial CCFA (One Child)

29N Update Initial CCFA - Each Additional Child(ren)

29O Cancelled Completeion of Assessment

56A Transporting Children/Family for medical componets needed to complete CCFA only 

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UAS 571 Homestead


29A Relative/Non-Relative Assessment-Home Eval (per Family)

29B Missed Appointments-Home Eval (Max 3)

29D Mileage-Home Eval Mileage at state approved rate

61H Family Therapy Counseling

61I Behavior Aide Services

62A Crisis Intervention (Licensend Professional

62B Crisis Intervention (Master's With Supervision)

62C Crisis Intervention (Degree/Non-Degreed)